April Holidays to Celebrate in St. Louis


Several large pretzels on a cutting board with a small bowl of mustard nearby.

April has all kinds of great holidays to celebrate. In today’s Tower at OPOP Apartments Blog, we’ll be sharing a list of some of these holidays that we think you’ll enjoy celebrating. Have a great month here in St. Louis, MO!


Caramel Popcorn Day (April 7)

Obviously, the best way to celebrate this holiday is to make some caramel popcorn. Make this tasty caramel popcorn recipe from Dinner then Dessert. You’ll need plain popped popcorn, brown sugar, light corn syrup, salt, unsalted butter, baking soda, and vanilla extract to make it. After you whip this up, turn on your favorite movie and enjoy!


World Health Day (April 7)

Make your life a little bit healthier by following one or more of these tips: don't skip meals, choose to eat protein for breakfast, smile more, get outside, make time to get the sleep you need, drink more water, and choose healthier meal options. See what a difference these small steps can make in your life!


Zoo Lover’s Day (April 8)

Be sure to visit the St. Louis Zoo for Zoo Lover’s Day. It’s only about a 15-minute drive from our apartment community.


World Art Day (April 15)

Visit a local art gallery or art museum this month to celebrate World Art Day. Check out Yelp’s Best 10 Art Galleries in St. Louis, MO suggestions. Take some time this month to get creative as well. Buy a canvas and make some art to hang on your wall at your apartment.


Earth Day (April 22)

Celebrate Earth Day by taking care of our environment. Here’s a list of suggestions on how you can celebrate: ride your bike to work, go paperless, update your lightbulbs to eco-friendly options, get outside, donate old clothes or items rather than throwing them away, and start recycling if you don't already.


National Pretzel Day (April 26)

Another tasty holiday that we want to celebrate is National Pretzel Day. Check out Yelp’s list of the Best pretzels in St. Louis, MO for the perfect pretzel here in St. Louis. You could also make your own pretzel at home. Try out these German Soft Pretzel Sticks from Gather for Bread.


Whichever holidays you celebrate in April, enjoy! Thanks for taking time out to read our post.