Laundry Day Etiquette and Tips

pink and red clothes spilling out of a dryer

Living at the Tower at OPOP Apartments in St. Louis means having amenities that fit your lifestyle, and we are pleased to provide a top notch laundry care facility or in-apartment washer/dryer connections for members of our apartment community. In today’s blog post, we’ve got some tips to help you cut Mount Washmore down to size.


Laundry Care Center Etiquette

Being considerate of others who are also using the laundry facilities begins with having a positive attitude. Here are some other ideas to help laundry go more smoothly for everyone.

  • Be prepared ahead of time. Pre-sort your laundry at your apartment and bundle it into loads. Some people also like to pre-measure laundry detergent so it’s ready to go, too. A wagon that folds down is a great way to transport your laundry.

  • Don’t hog all of the machines; be aware of how many others need to use the facilities. If you need to leave and come back to switch your laundry, set a timer on your phone so you will be back in time. Conversely, don’t just pull someone’s laundry out of the washer the minute it finishes, give them a few minutes to return and do it themselves.

  • Clean up after yourself. Wipe up any spilled detergent, fabric softener, and especially any bleach that happens to spill.

  • Plan to do laundry at off-peak times if you can, and be patient if you must do laundry at the same time everyone else is doing their laundry.

Laundry  Day Tips

Being thoughtful of others when using our laundry facilities is important. We also have some tips for sorting, washing, and drying your laundry.

  • To keep hampers smelling fresh: Fill a knee-high (or cut off) nylon with baking soda. Knot the open end and hang inside the hamper to absorb odor eater; replace about once a month or as needed.

  • Wash dark colors inside out to help stop them from fading. Also, zip zippers and fasten buttons to prevent them from catching on loose clothing.

  • Throw a dry towel into your dryer with wet laundry — it will absorb moisture and speed up the drying process.

  • Go White - Use all white towels for the bathroom, they can be washed as one load, and when necessary they can be bleached.


Now the laundry is done! Mount Washmore is conquered once again. Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to drive all over St. Louis on a Saturday night looking for an open, clean, and reasonably priced laundromat?  The Tower at OPOP Apartments is bringing our Missouri residents the amenities they need and want! What are your favorite laundry day tips? Please share in the comments so we can all benefit, and thanks for reading today’s post.