Summer Creativity Unlocked through Poetry

PIcture of Artemis at the Louvre museum in Paris, France.

It’s June and a good time to slow down and take some time for yourself — to let your creative side take over. If you like words and creating, why not write a poem this month? In today’s Tower at OPOP Apartments Blog, we’ve got some poetic forms you may not have tried before. Take inspiration from your favorite St. Louis, MO neighborhood.


If You Were Poem

The form for our first example is a quatrain (a four-line poem). In our example, the poem combines metaphors and a rhyming pattern to create a fun image. The rhyming pattern is ABCB. So it would look something like this:


Line 1: Start with: “If you were” and add a metaphor.

Line 2: Start with “And I were” and add your second metaphor.

Lines 3 & 4 - tell something you could do together and make sure line 4 rhymes with 2.  


So here is an example poem composed of two quatrains following this pattern:


The Louvre


If you were a painter  

And I were sitting there,

I would lift my eyes to yours

And quite simply stare.


If you were the Mona Lisa

And I were in your time,

I would definitely ask

What was on your mind.


Tetractys Poem

For something different, let’s try our hand at writing a tetractys poem. It sounds intimidating, but really it isn’t. This poetic form consists of just 20 syllables, and the beauty of the poem is in its arrangement. For more information, check out this explanation with more details of tetractys poems.


Line 1 - one syllable

Line 2 - two syllables

Line 3 - three syllables

Line 4 - four syllables

Line 5 - TEN syllables


So the form may look something like this:








For example:



Paved with


Beneath my feet

Home to centuries of humanity.


Please feel free to share your poetic endeavors in the comments. We would love to see what you come up with. Have a great summer!